The ultimate scanning power

Fork of a very popular Steam Scanner - together more than 12 years in service, and counting.

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.. but with more features
see for yourself:

  • actual years 2021, 2022 available for search
  • remade API query (core) algorithm
  • fixed and now working Dotabuff, Text and Comments search
  • features like "Copy all to the clipboard" make routine easier
  • Telegram notifications when scan is done
  • Java auto-detecting in BAT file
  • up-to-date price database with less errors
  • .. and lots of cool stuff in future updates planned!
We try our best at continuing the development and support. Got any suggestions or ideas on how to improve the software? Hit us up in the Telegram!

Check out the changelog!
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best in the class product

Buying from us, you get polished and professional software with years of coming support - without any restrictions.

  • All modules ever developed, in one package for one price
  • Price until the end of 2021 - only 250 RUB
  • For all returning customers - always 250 RUB*
  • 25% off buying 3+ accounts at once

* - returning customers are those that bought accounts through @m1sell before 1 Sep 2021. Those users are marked in the database and discount is applied automatically. Ask in pm for details.
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