What is all the fuss around the "API"?

Hatty utilizes so-called "API keys". They look something like this:


To launch a scan, you'd need at least one key.

If you plan on using certain filters (see below), you'd like to have at least 30 keys at hand.

All that fuss is because Steam resets (deletes/invalidates) keys that are past certain usage limit.

New version of Hatty can scan using (almost) no API keys!

Look below to see what keys are used for:

What filters depend on API?

In the filters window you can recognise those either by the tab name or if the name is underlined:

Everything else is NOT API-dependent :)

I still want to use filters that are API-dependent, what gives?

You are still able to use those, no problem:

I'm trying that fancy new version, and scanning speed s-u-c-k-s! What do I do?

Short answer: you should get more decent proxies. If that is not an option - you really should downgrade to the previous version, that while still depends on API, will provide you waay better scanning speed.

Long answer: new non-API-dependent method requires more CPU resources, as well as puts more strength on proxy servers.

Take a look at your CPU usage in Task Manager; if it is normal, it is very likely that proxies you use are not capable of the load that Hatty puts on them. See short answer for a possible solution.